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  • David GreenDavid Green is a senior researcher at Northumbria University, working on the EPSRC-funded “Design Your Own Future” project,exploring connections between communities of professional and non-professional makers. With a background in documentary making,he is a co-founder of Cinehack, who organize DIY filmmaking workshops and publish blueprints for low-cost media making apparatus.He has participated in and co-organized, several CHI workshops.

  • Verena FuchsbergerVerena Fuchsberger is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Salzburg. Her research focuses on the agency of human and non-human actors in HCI and Interaction Design, with particular interests in the materiality of interactions in industrial contexts. She has previously explored the (digital and physical) production of goods, specifically at the intersection between industrial and hobbyist fabrication. She co-organized several workshops, for instance, at IDC2011, NordiCHI2012, Critical Alternatives 2015, and CHI2016.

  • David KirkDavid Kirk is Professor of Digital Living at Northumbria University. He has interests in the role of design research in HCI, the development of technologies for domestic spaces and design for Human-Building Interaction. He currently leads the project “Design Your Own Future”, linking Makers and Manufacturers. He has organized and run numerous previous CHI workshops.

  • Nick TaylorNick Taylor is a Senior Lecturer in DJCAD at the University of Dundee. His research focuses on the use of technologies to support communities and civic engagement.,He is currently principal investigator on the Hacking for Situated Civic Engagement project, which explores how community hackathons can support grassroots innovation by linking neighbourhoods with maker communities.

  • David ChattingDavid Chatting is a Research Associate at Newcastle University’s Open Lab, and visiting staff at both the RCA and Goldsmiths’ Interaction Research Studio, and has his own design practice. He cofounded the Curiosity Collective a group of makers and artists and dorkbot anglia. His current research concerns the interplay of manufacturers and makers. He has organized and participated in several previous CHI workshops

  • Janis MeissnerJanis Meissner is a PhD student in Digital Civics at Open Lab, Newcastle University. Utilising theories from feminism and disability rights activism, her research critically explores notions of empowerment in politically motivated DIY and making. Based on her previous projects on co-designing with urban knitters (yarnbombers) and people with disabilities and DIY-abilities, she is interested in grassroots perspectives on matters of redistribution and recognition in the interrelation of making and manufacturing.

  • Martin MurerMartin Murer an interaction designer and researcher at the University of Salzburg, focuses on craft and technology. Enthusiastic about taking things apart, Martin works towards a PhD that seeks to explore de-constructive practices (e.g., un-crafting, taking things apart) in the realm of interaction design. He co-organized workshops at TEI (2014, 2015), INTERACT 2015, Critical Alternatives 2015 and CHI2016.

  • Manfred TschlegiManfred Tscheligi is Professor for HCI & Usability at the University of Salzburg, and head of the business unit Technology Experience at the Austrian Institute
of Technology. He leads research projects investigating HCI in industry, e.g., the Christian-Doppler Laboratory “Contextual Interfaces”. He has been involved in a range of conference activities (e.g., co-chairing CHI 2004 and HRI 2017 in Vienna, ACE 2007, AUI 2011 in Salzburg) and co-organized several workshops and SIGs (CHI, MobileHCI, AUI, CSCW).

  • Silvia LindtnerSilvia Lindtner is Assistant Professor in the Schools of Information and Art and Design at the University of Michigan. She researches, writes and teaches about transnational making and tech entrepreneurship cultures, with a particular focus on their intersections with manufacturing and industry development in China. She co-directs the research hub Hacked Matter, which has brought together researchers, industry, artists, designers, and makers on the topic of make & manufacturing over the last 4 years.

  • Pernille BjornPernille Bjørn is Professor in Computer Supported Cooperative work at the Computer Science Department at University of Copenhagen, Denmark (DIKU). Currently, she is working on finding ways to combine critical design and making as strategies for exploratory prototyping for cooperative system design. She has been involved in multiple conferences activities including program chair for CSCW2016 in San Francisco and sub-committee chair for CHI’s CSCW track (2015, 2016, 2017). Currently, she is in the EUSSET steering group, the ACM GROUP steering group, and in the advisory board for JCSCW.

  • Andreas ReiterAndreas Reiter is a PhD student based in the Horizon Digital Economy Research Centre at the University of Nottingham. He has interests in Design for collaboration in Hacker and Maker Spaces.